Wheel Sharks

Driving home a good deal.

Two mechanics with big hearts help used car buyers drive home a good deal, and share their wisdom along the way. Wheel Sharks is unpredictable ride-along reality TV with no buyer’s remorse.

There’s no car show like it on television. No gloss. No sales pitch. Just two guys who are tired of seeing people get ripped off.

The Program

Wheel Sharks is a ride along reality TV show in which two seasoned mechanics with big hearts help used car buyers find vehicles that suit their budgets and desires, and avoid buyer’s remorse.

Through an entertaining combination of interviews, test drives, and interaction with a variety of sellers, Brett and Zsolt help the buyer narrow down and determine what they really want and provide viewers with tips about what to watch for when buying used vehicles.

Zsolt’s colourful personality is complemented by Brett’s calm demeanour to create a synergy that is worth the price of admission alone.

The Details

LOGLINE: Wheel Sharks, Brett and Zsolt, help used car buyers drive home a good deal, every time.

LOCATION: Calgary, AB Canada
PRODUCTION CO: TCF4 Productions in association with SkyeLove Pictures Ltd.
FORMAT: Digital Hi Definition
GENRE: Reality/documentary
CREATORS: Dwight H. Friesen, Bill L. Clements
DIRECTORS: Dwight H. Friesen, Bill L. Clements
WRITER: Dwight H. Friesen
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Jacqueline Clements, Bill L. Clements, Jewelle Colwell
PRODUCERS: Dwight H. Friesen, Bill L. Clements, Jacqueline Clements, Brett Poppelwell, Zsolt Baktay,

EPISODES: 6 (Season 1)

The Format

Brett and Zsolt meet each buyer to determine his or her preferences and budget and then research to find a few options for an initial test drive. After that each episode is an unpredictable adventure that depends on the availability of potential vehicles, the personality of the buyer, and the Wheel Sharks’ ability to zero in on what their client really wants.

Years of experience with used cars and the people who trade in them have taught Brett and Zsolt how to read between the lines of what buyers, sellers, and the vehicles themselves, are saying. For the Wheel Sharks, the story isn’t over till they are confident their client is driving home a good deal.

Wheel Sharks Sizzle Reel

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