Bolivia: Treasure Within

Celebrating Bolivia, South America

Tour parts of Bolivia, South America, and visit many of the people and places that are some of the ‘treasures’ often overlooked and yet make this country culturally and historically wealthy. Watch Jacqueline Clements, the host, experience new and interesting events in this cross cultural adventure. 

About the Host

Jacqueline Clements' connection to Bolivia is what makes this an entertaining as well as educational show.

Her husband was born and raised in Bolivia where they lived for nearly three years after they were married. This has given Jacqueline a uniquely authentic viewpoint on the Bolivian people and their culture.

She enjoys traveling and when the idea to create a show was presented, Bolivia was the first place she wanted to showcase. Jacqueline likes taking risks and enjoys meeting new people. This adventurous spirit helps to draw out intriguing stores and aspects of the Bolivian culture that are often missed. She is not afraid to try new things at least twice because the first experience isn’t necessarily a true indication if you really like it!

Jacqueline is a visionary, always looking at a scenario from multiple perspectives and is the perfect host to guide viewers through the various adventures portrayed in this show.

So watch Jacqueline Clements, the host, experience new and interesting people, places and events in this cross cultural adventure that takes you from tropical jungles to bustling urban centres.

Jacqueline L. Clements