Bolivia: Treasures Within

Celebrating Bolivia, South America

Tour parts of Bolivia, South America, and visit many of the people and places that are some of the ‘treasures’ often overlooked and yet make this country culturally and historically wealthy. Watch Jacqueline Clements, the host, experience new and interesting events in this cross cultural adventure.

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LOGLINE: Bolivia: Treasures Within seeks to celebrate the individuals and places which are rarely if ever mentioned in regular media. Join Jacqueline Clements as she explores this beautiful South American country.

LOCATION: Santa Cruz, Bolivia & Calgary, Canada
PRODUCTION CO: TCF4 Productions in association with SkyeLove Pictures Ltd.
FORMAT: Digital Hi Definition
GENRE: Reality/documentary

CREATORS: Jacqueline Clements, Bill L. Clements
WRITER / DIRECTOR: Jacqueline Clements
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Jacqueline Clements, Bill L. Clements, Jewelle Colwell
PRODUCERS: Jacqueline Clements, Bill Clements

EPISODES: 6 (Season 1)

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