Bluff - Episodes

Episode S1 01: "Do the Thing"

While on an undercover assignment, Detective Summer Brown's rookie partner, Sara, is kidnapped by mob boss Claudio Donatello's henchman. The clock is ticking as Summer searches for clues to Sara's location. Summer's patience is strained when Captain Nick Weston brings in a new attractive Detective, Ava Lindstrom, to help out. In her personal life, Summer is faced with a visit from her ex-husband.

Episode S1 02: "Live Out Loud"

Detectives Summer and Ava follow every available lead, in frantic search for Sara, who is still missing. A related case leads the two detectives to a controversial arrest, putting Capt. Nick Weston in an awkward position with the Decina elite. Nick's demons have him second guessing his choices. Summer's asset, Teresa, the alcoholic out of work judge is out of commission.

Episode S1 03: "They Never Fail"

The Decina police force reels from the delivery of Sara's remains. Rodrigo Tomaselli (Julian Black Antelope) promotes Sven to take Claudio's position in Decina. Sara's funeral brings Judge Sophia Wyndhom (Judy Norton) to deliver bad news to Capt. Weston. Kathryn's gambling addiction is out of control, rendering her helpless to help Teresa. Sophia strikes an unsettling deal with Summer.

Episode S1 04: "Do One Thing"

Ava's apparently perfect life begins to crumble as boyfriend Cliff finds employment with the mob. Sophia builds Summer's trust, who takes the deal. Claudio's debts render Kathryn homeless, his son Michael now becoming more active in the organization. When off the clock, Ava blows off dangerous steam. Marcy is convinced Summer's best friend, Vicky, has been murdered.

Episode S1 05: "It's Not the Triumph"

Detectives Summer and Ava meet with Summer's snitch, finally getting somewhere on the human trafficking case. Marcy is conducting her own investigation in to the death of her sister, Vicky.Cliff's mysterious job disturbs his conscience on his first night out with Michael. Judge Wyndhom makes her run for office official. Captain Weston's request for a young detective to work Decina High is granted.

Episode S1 06: "Where I Needed to Be"

This mid season finale has Cassie Douglas's partner, Brandon, spilling truths to get himself out of the High School drug trade; Marcy finally has confirmation of Vicky's fate; Detective Ava stands up for her self at last, and Detective Summer finds more information on the criminal activities of Rodrigo Tomaselli. Undercover detective Kira is held hostage in a human trafficking ring.

The Program

Bluff is a SkyeLove Pictures productions produced in association with TCF4 Productions. In this high intensity crime drama, the Decina Police Department pulls out all the stops as the team, Detective Summer Brown (Jewelle Colwell) and Detective Ava Lindstrom (Alison Wandzura), work with Captain Nick Weston (Mark Gantt) and Judge Sophia Wyndom (Judy Norton), to get to the source behind the rising local human trafficking cases, and the increasingly prevalent drug issues.